Leaving dogs alone at home is definitely a bad idea. And this pet dad’s experience is a testament to that.

Meet Joel Quinto, owner of a Boston terrier named Scooter, who happens to be the naughtiest creature in the neighborhood. And such an incident that proves this took place one day when both Joel and his girlfriend left him to fend for himself at home.


While the couple made sure he’s got everything he’d need, they missed considering one thing, which led them both in a mess. And that was anything Scooter could use to have fun while they’re out.

So when Joel’s girlfriend came home, what welcomed her was a destroyed living room! All over its sofa and floor were bits of paper torn from several magazines. And what’s even more irritating was that amid all the destruction, the culprit was there confidently lounging on a stuffed animal as if he’s done nothing wrong.

The furious mom decided to take footage of the whole scene so later she could provide complete documentation in her report to her partner.

In the clip, you can hear her interrogating Scooter. And to her disappointment, the pooch seemed to be unaware of what he’s done. She tried to pressure him more to admit his mistake. But the bold tilt of his chin tells us he isn’t sorry at all!

After moments of persistent questioning, though, he finally showed a hint of regret but which, to her, wasn’t enough considering the mess she would have to clean up! It was only until Scooter felt there was no other way out of it that he at last apologized and rolled on to his back to show off his belly!

And that was it. This had all her mom’s fury replaced with laughter. Well, who could stay angry at such an adorable pup?

To all pet parents out there who wouldn’t want to experience the same thing, this is a reminder for you. Always make sure to leave the dogs with something they could keep themselves busy with when no one’s available to keep a watchful eye on them!

Source at joelquinto via Youtube



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