Golden Retrievers are known to be friendly, loyal, and good-natured. This adorable breed loves people and makes an excellent pet for a household with children. If dogs are part of Santa’s naughty or nice list, these gentle creatures will make it to the nice list and receive presents every Christmas.

Meet Ben, a Golden Retriever who works as a therapy dog at the Franklin Police Department in Massachusetts. Ben’s always a good boy who does his best as a service dog. However, during one holiday season, Ben decided to be naughty!


In a viral video online, you’ll see Ben cautiously stealing a toy that’s supposed to be a gift for a kid from the charity. The police department collects toys and ships them to a charity that provides Christmas presents to less fortunate families. However, it looks like Ben wanted a gift for himself too.

A police officer caught Ben in the act and made sure he captured everything on video! Ben carries the toy doll along the department’s corridor while the officer follows the mischievous pooch.


The officer finds this behavior hilarious and tells Ben in the video that he’s a priceless dog. He reveals that Ben often goes to the room where the department keeps the donations and takes the toys that he likes. Ben hoards the presents and has a secret hiding place for his collections!

The good news is that the police department found a solution to this problem. They just need to ban Ben from the room where they store the donations. The department also came up with this decision because Ben’s saliva is all over the toys to the point that the officers need to replace them.

Ben surely learned his lesson and won’t take toys anymore. Who knows, maybe this cute and fluffy dog just tries to protect the gifts from bad people.

Source: Franklin Police Department


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