A lucky passenger had a very interesting experience after booking for a ride on Uber. She received a confirmation from a nearby driver but was informed that someone would be with them during the ride. The driver kindly warned her that a service dog would accompany them. Instead of being concerned, the passenger actually waited with so much anticipation.

When her ride arrived, she finally met Bullet, a charming Pomeranian Husky mix. She also got the chance to pet and charm the adorable little pup into becoming her new best friend. She tweeted her experience, and, within days, her tweet gained over 250,000 likes.

Twitter users quickly reacted to her lucky experience. Their responses were quite entertaining, which range from jealousy to overwhelming happiness. As expected, most of them rated the experience with five stars plus extra for a well-deserved tip.

One Twitter user said that she would gladly pay extra just for that kind of service, which was seconded by another who even offered to pay triple. This gave others the idea to start writing business plans to incorporate the use of dogs in a ridesharing app. Of course, others started suggesting business names such as “Pupper” and “Duber.”

One comedic response involved mistaking the service dog as an aid for a blind driver. Others used the photo and made memes out of Bullet’s adorable expression and charming puppy eyes. One of the memes interpreted the dog’s thoughts and assumed that the pup is asking the passenger if she has games on her phone.

Ultimately, everyone agreed that having an adorable pooch during an Uber ride makes the experience more exciting. It provides comfort and can even distract you from the horrendous traffic. Thanks to Bullet, maybe ride-hailing apps will upgrade their services to include dogs soon!

Credits to homie depot


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