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Holland is known for its strikingly beautiful flower bulb fields. These Tulip fields are one of the typical Dutch landscapes that people from all over the world flock to. Since its popularity, not only can you see fields of Tulips in red, pink and yellow colors – there are other types of bulb flowers too!

As the largest flower exporter in the world, people don’t only covet the flowers but also the sight. The overwhelming beautiful flower fields are a sight to see and a moment to experience!

Because flowers are a girl’s best friend, it’s no surprise that Claire, a female white Bull Terrier, can be called one of the luckiest dogs out there. Why? She lives in the Netherlands, after all!


If you are a pooch lover and also a huge admirer of flowers, then hop in for some treat. Continue reading to see the lucky Bull Terrier do her favorite thing in the world – wandering around the flower fields.

Claire is blending in with the white fields of Tulips. Can you spot her?

Sometimes we need a little contrast to stand out as Claire did in this photo.

Here she is, looking as sunny and happy as her background.

Considering that the Bull Terrier is very photogenic, it’s a sight to see when she poses in the middle of the beautiful flower fields elegantly. She has taken photos with various kinds of flowers, including morning dips, bluebells, poppies, tulips, and a lot more. For this lovely canine, flowers of any kind fit perfectly!

Apart from taking pictures with flowers, Claire also loves to pose in different areas such as rivers, mountains, and woods. Some of her magnificent photos garnered awards in the Free Choice Category in a MorphDography Photo and Pets Category in a Furbex Series. Claire was also hailed as the overall winner of the Asia Foto 2019 competition.

Source: alicevankempen via Instagram



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