When we first go to sleep, most of us toss and turn a bit before finding our most comfortable sleeping position.

For some people sleeping face-up is the way to go, while for others curling up is a better option. Sleeping face-down is another choice that is opted for most often by people who are feeling angry or sad. However, nobody would normally go to sleep with his or her legs straight up, and eyelids peeled back.

Ironically though, a pet dog loves to sleep with his legs in the air, and the pictures of the pooch’s weird sleeping position have gone viral.


In the photos, the hefty black pooch can be seen lying with his front legs straight up in the air, and at first glance, it appears as if the dog is showing signs of rigor mortis.

This awkward canine sleeping position has been found in other dogs as well, and the position has been named roaching because it gives an image similar to that of a cockroach lying on its back. Roaching is more commonly seen in greyhounds.

It is a scientific fact that when a dog sleeps on his back with his legs in the air, it usually means that the pooch is feeling confident and secure.

Although sleeping on the back is considered a dangerous and vulnerable position for a canine, it is also the most comfortable. This weird sleeping position also helps a warmed up pooch to cool down rapidly.

However, dogs living in the wild would never sleep in this awkward position because it sends a message of submission and vulnerability to other animals.

So, if you ever see your four-legged companion roaching, then you should be happy to know that your dog is feeling safe and secure in your house.

Image source: AnimalsBeingDerps/Reddit via Lad Bible



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