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Three pit bull puppies without shelter were rescued from the sweltering heat in a backyard in Georgia. One of the pups had a wounded leg and was dragging its hind legs.

The Friends to Forlorn Pitbull Rescue were the ones that took in the puppies and gave them loving foster homes. The puppy with the leg issues was named Augie.

Augie’s foster mom Iris told The Dodo about what the vet told her. The vet said that Augie had neurological problems and wouldn’t be able to walk again.


Iris wasn’t about to take no for an answer, and so she went on a year-long journey to help Augie gain the ability to walk. The first step was for his paw to heal, which it did, but it remained deformed. Then the next step was teaching him how to use his back legs.

This process had multiple steps to strengthen his muscles and to help him use all four paws. Iris put Augie on a treadmill and helped move his back legs, and after that, they moved onto an underwater treadmill. However, after turning 5-months-old, the vet discovered that he had severe hip dysplasia on his left hind leg. The only option was a surgery that would correct the hip dysplasia so that he had the best chance of a healthy life.


After all of this, Augie was still a puppy that’s as happy as they can get. His front legs were strong enough for him to get around, but his foster mom wasn’t about to give up on him. She said that she has tried 99 methods and that she knows that 99 methods didn’t work.

Augie began acupuncture, physical therapy, and using Therabands to strengthen his hind legs, and then he started walking with his hind legs. He can walk on his own, albeit a little shaky. After all, it’s still a work in progress.

To help Augie, he was given a pair of wheels to help him get around when he gets tired, and it helps further strengthen his muscles. His wheels don’t hinder in any way.

Iris says she only uses the wheels, which only takes 30 seconds to set up, for when they are going for long walks. He does the zoomies in the backyard, and he can also play with other dogs without much of a problem. The rescue wrote he still tends to drag his legs when he gets tired, though they believe that he will overcome this.

Now that Augie is capable of getting around by himself, Iris believes that he is now ready for a forever home. Although missing him terrible is inevitable, she knows there is a perfect home for him out there, and she is prepared to help another.

If you are interested in adopting Augie, you can do so on the rescue’s website.

Source The Dodo via Facebook


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