Pit bulls are great dogs. This dog breed is very loyal, loving, and trusting towards their owners. People are beginning to understand that pit bulls aren’t the vicious dog that they are portrayed to be. They are among the gentlest dog breeds out there. They’re even great with kids and considered as one of the best types of dogs for families.

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Usually, dogs are very protective of their puppies especially newborn ones. However, this story is about a pit bull that trusts her foster mom so much that she brought her puppies onto her lap one by one.


Grayce, the pit bull, was found by rescuers on the street already heavily pregnant. She was welcomed by Stevoni, who fosters pregnant dogs and their puppies, in her home.

When Grayce gave birth to eleven puppies, she didn’t know what to do and how to be a mother. She needed reassurance and asked Stevoni for her help and reassurance by placing all of her eleven puppies on Stevoni’s lap one by one.

Stevoni welcomed Grayce and her puppies in her home and Grayce was thankful that she completely trusted Stevoni with her puppies. It’s just amazing to see how a dog would trust a person completely with her newborn puppies even only after a few days of meeting each other.


Grayce would place the puppies on Stevoni’s lap, and she would sit beside Stevoni and her puppies. She even nursed the puppies while they were on Stevoni’s lap.

Stevoni spent several weeks caring for Grayce and her puppies. She always reassured Grayce that she was doing a great job as a mother and stayed with her whenever she’s caring for her pups.

Grayce and her puppies are doing well. All eleven puppies are adopted, and Grayce also found her forever home.

Here’s the video showing Grayce trusting Stevoni with her newborn pups.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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