Kareem Garibaldi an officer of the Lakeland Police Department in Florida found a stray dog while he was on duty. It was in an early Saturday morning when he saw the pit-bull-boxer mix wandering alone.

The dog does not have a collar so he was not able to find its owners when he tried. Instead of moving on and just leaving, he took the dog with him back to the station. After his shift ended, he took the dog to his home. The following day, he tried to look for the dog’s owners once again but he was still unsuccessful.


What he did next was for sure way beyond his duty as a police officer. He brought the dog to the SPCA Florida and made sure that the puppy was checked out. Garibaldi just finished working his third 12-hour shift and was exhausted but he still made time to make sure that the pup was okay.

Connie Johnson, the shelter’s safety net manager, found the officer and the puppy asleep when she got to work. She shared that she was really touched to see how dedicated Garibaldi was to the stray pup. They were obviously both exhausted and she said that the moment touched her heart.


The vet checked on the puppy for three hours and the officer stayed there waiting the whole time. He even woke up just to check if everything was okay with her. Thankfully, she only had some mites on her body and was otherwise okay.

The puppy was named Hope later on. After their check-up at the shelter, he brought Hope back to the station with him. It was there that Hope’s story got even happier. A dispatcher saw the puppy and fell in love with her instantly. Hope was adopted on that same day.

The story of how Officer Garibaldi saved Hope is truly inspiring. Thanks to him, Hope is now safe and warm in her forever home.

Credits to Lakeland PD on Facebook


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