Cute dog finds home

A dog broke a new record, but maybe this record should never have been broken. After spending 578 days in kennels, three-year-old Gary has found a new home. Apparently, he was the RCSPA’s longest-staying resident.

Because his original owners gave him up, Gary spent almost half his life at South Godstone Animal Centre in Surrey, UK.

Gary the lurcher


Similar news about another dog’s 500-day stay at a center in Devon came to the public’s attention earlier this year. Since 2017, Two-year-old Hector – a dog in a similar situation to Gary – was in search of a home. By February 2019, he also finally found a home.

According to the RCSPA, Gary broke the record for staying the longest in the RCSPA’s care. Gary watched as other dogs came and left. The charity suggests that throughout Gary’s stay, 194 other dogs found homes.

A new leash on life


Luckily, the RCSPA’s longest-staying resident now joins a family in West Yorkshire, over 200 miles away from the South Godstone Animal Centre.  Joanne Baxter and her partner Andrew from Castleford adopted Gary. The couple from West Yorkshire decided to take him in after they came across an appeal.

“He is such a lovely friendly animal, a real character [and] certainly knows where the fridge is.”

“I was worried I would be far down the list to adopt him as we live so far away but I don’t think he had had too much interest so we were invited down to meet him and it went from there,” she said.

Staff are happy Gary has a new home. Emily Jefferson, animal care assistant, said: “We are all delighted this has worked out for him. Of course, it’s also tinged with sadness saying goodbye as we will miss him. You can’t help but get attached when a dog has been with you that long and he was always in reception with us as he’s such a happy soul who loves being around people.”

Visit the RCSPA website if you want more information about how to help other animals find a home:


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