Lizzie, the new mother of six, following her rescue
Lizzie, who became a new mother of six, following her rescue

Soon after her rescue from a kill shelter in Georgia, a pooch gave birth to six puppies.

During a weekend trip, Rebecca Lynch and her husband rescued a dog from a rural dog shelter, and as they returned home to Central Florida, the rescued dog gave birth.

“It was just a very isolated area, and those dogs don’t stand a chance,” said Michelle Wacker, a Medical Director Poodles and Pooch Rescue.


Poodles and Pooch Rescue try to find dogs desperate for a second chance.

“And, it was Lizzie,” Wacker noted, referring to the small rescued dog who was pregnant with a broken leg and had a case of heartworms.

“There was no chance this dog was going to be adopted. Probably what would have happened to Lizzie is, she probably would have been delivered then euthanized.”

Lizzie took up the entire back seat as they headed south back to Florida.  Before leaving Georgia, Lizzie began nesting.

In an effort to comfort Lizzie and to document her deliveries, Lynch joined Lizzie in the backseat. “Well, that was just in the nick of time.

She just had her first puppy,” Lynch notes in the video. It didn’t seem to faze Lizzie that she gave birth to four tiny puppies in a car.

Instinctively, she cleaned them all off herself.


The couple stopped at their emergency veterinarian’s office in DeLand after they returned to Central Florida. Lizzie and her puppies were all declared healthy.

Following the inspection, the group went home. Lizzie then delivered two more puppies.


Due to Lizzie’s special needs and because of the size of the litter, Lizzie and her new pups are being cared for at Chuluota Veterinary Hospitals where they will stay for two or three months.

Friendly and affectionate, Lizzie and her pups are under the care of a vet and accompanying vet techs.  Vets will postpone Lizzie’s treatments until after the puppies finish nursing.

While snuggled up with and nursing her six little pups, Lizzie looks happy.

Regrettably, her right hind leg will need to be amputated.  “It’s an old break, can’t be repaired. We can’t just leave it, and we can’t repair it. It has to be amputated,” Wacker explained.

The vet will work on treating Lizzie’s heartworms after attending to Lizzie’s broken leg. “Lizzie’s got a long road to recovery. We definitely need help with her veterinary bills,” said Wacker.

Currently, the primary concern is ensuring Lizzie and her puppies are healthy but hopefully, this adorable mom and all of her cute puppies will also be adopted.

Visit if you want to help Lizzie and her puppies.

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