Having dogs at home is said to be beneficial in building your child’s immune system. When I had my son, I would let my dogs near him, but only for a few minutes.

My dogs reacted very differently than what I was hoping for. They sniffed him at first, but that was it. Although, only one of them showed interest and would often stay near my son. Also, most of us believe that dogs are protective and loyal to their masters. So it’s no surprise when a pup becomes protective to an infant.

When Corey Jordan and Elsa had their first-born child, their rescue dog Astro became the official protector of their son, Noah.


Elsa recalled how Astro would sleep in between them and has been his place for years. When Elsa got pregnant, Astro showed signs that he’s interested in the baby growing in her tummy. Like any other parent’s they are concerned about how Astro would react to their baby.


The couple recalled the day they brought Noah home. Astro is confused with the whole setup and the baby. Elsa said that Astro sniffed her and the baby a couple of times. He looked at them as if he understood that the baby was the one growing in Elsa’s tummy.

Since that day, he never left little Noah’s side. He slept on the floor near Noah’s crib; he’d go with them while changing Noah’s diaper, and even climb on the couch, resting his head near Noah’s head.

Elsa said that Astro was acting like he was supervising them and as if checking if they are doing everything properly. She also added that Astro is a big help watching their little one. We all know that having a kid would need huge adjustments.

Credits to Astro & Chloe & Indy


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