Kay worked as a volunteer at Jersey Pits Rescue. She was having her typical workday until she received a call about an emaciated Pittie that needed her help.

To the rescue

An officer from animal control sent Kay a photo of the Pitbull with all her bones evident. It was so devastating to see the dog in that state, and Kay broke down crying.

Two good Samaritans found the Pitbull as the dog laid on the sidewalk. She was brought to the hospital and named Reese.


When Kay first saw Reese in person, the dog tried lifting her head but failed. The dog also tried getting up to sit on Kay’s lap, but she struggled with her lack of strength,

Kay knew that the dog was willing to trust her, so she was determined to help in whatever way she could. She was surprised to see something change in Reese as the days went by,

Reeses’ health seemed to be declining at first. The doctors explained that the dog was on adrenaline from being rescued, and her body was healing rapidly since the dog knew she was in a safe place.

After two weeks in the hospital, Reese stood on her own for the first time. She started taking cautious steps and was continually improving as time went on.

Foster family


A month later, Kay met up with Reese’s new foster mom Ryn at the entrance of the hospital. She was so happy to see the dog walk out but was sad to see her go.

Ryn loved fostering dogs and was so excited to meet Reese. The dog looked so nervous during the car ride but took a big exhale as she entered the house.

Reese started picking up toys and sniffing around as she got acquainted with her new temporary home. Ryn knew that the dog was so ready to be inside a loving household.

Little by little, Reese started getting more active. The dog noticeably gained weight and Ryn had to adjust her collar every morning after she wakes up,

Reese was very curious and silly. She always liked cuddling and being around people. It was so heartwarming for Ryn to aid in the dog’s recovery, and she promised to help the dog find her forever home soon.

Watch the incredible story below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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