Tyler is a rescued dog named after the late actress Mary Tyler Moore. His life has a dramatic changed after he was rescued and found a perfect home courtesy of the late TV personality.

Mary Tyler Moore and fellow actress Bernadette Peter co-founded the Broadway Barks eight years ago. Together, they have initiated this worthwhile event with the goal of finding a new home for cats and dogs. This event is annually held and is hosted in the famous place Shubert Alley in New York.


During this event, visitors are encouraged to adopt a rescued pet from different local shelters. Around 200 dogs are successfully adopted from the event each year.

It was in 2011 that his new owner Tony Sestito adopted 3-month old Tyler. Tony has just lost his boxer at that time and came to the event so that he can look for another pup to adopt and to love.


Tony recalled, “Tyler was the first pooch that caught my attention in that event, and I was very glad that he immediately became mine the very next day. I take joy in giving a dog a new home that they so badly needed. I am thankful that Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peter for their dedication in hosting this kind of event.”

After taking in the dog into his home, Tony had no second thoughts of naming him Tyler, in honor of the actress’ hard work and commitment to giving rescued dogs a chance at a happy home. He continued saying, “The event was terrific, and the celebrity factor was a bonus that added to its wonder.”

When the news of Moore’s death at 80 years of age broke out, Tony took a moment to remember the inspiring person who was responsible for changing his and Tyler’s lives forever.

Video credits to Inside Edition.


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