We often hear quite a lot of negative things about pit bulls from the news as well as from people. People often say that pit bulls are highly aggressive dogs that shouldn’t be kept as pets and definitely not for families with kids. And, pit bulls always make the news about dog attacks on humans.

However, for one family, a pit bull saved their child’s life.

The Daniels family love dogs and decided to adopt a rescue pit bull mix named Ember. The family found that Ember is a perfect fit for the family as she bonded with Tre Daniels, the then ten-year-old son of Tracy Daniels.


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Both Ember and Tre spend a lot of time together, and they are inseparable. Tracy thought that this is a normal thing for a child having a pet dog.

However, Tracy didn’t expect that Ember will actually save Tre’s life.

Tracy woke up with Ember beside her bed. She didn’t think a lot about it, but Ember let out a low grumbling sound. Tracy stated that Ember never left her side and was acting peculiar.

So, Tracy decided to follow Ember to the bathroom and what she saw frightened her. She saw her little boy, Tre, unconscious in the bathtub with his legs hanging out of the tub and head extended back.


She immediately called the emergency services. When the emergency services arrived, they told Tracy that Tre was having a seizure.

Tre didn’t even remember falling into the tub when he regained consciousness. Thanks to Ember, Tre got the life-saving care he needed.

During Tre’s recovery, Ember stayed by Tre’s side.

Pit bulls are intelligent creatures. They are also extremely loyal as displayed by Ember towards his best friend, Tre.

Hopefully, this story will shed new light on pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Animals behave the way they do due to the owner’s behavior. If dogs like pit bulls are properly trained and receive love and affection from its owners, the pit bull will be friendly and very loyal. Always remember that a dog’s temperament reflects the owner’s attitude towards the animal. It reflects how they treat dogs. There is really no such thing as a bad dog. There are only bad dog owners.

Here’s a video of Tre’s story on how Ember saved his life.

Video Source Local 12 via YouTube


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