It was a typical day for Elliot Ford when he saw a beautiful brown Pitbull wandering the streets. He followed the dog for a few minutes and found out the poor canine was homeless.

Long way home

After a few minutes of contemplating,  Elliot decided he wanted to bring Snoop, the Pitbull, home with him. He called a close friend to help him bring the dog home.

Elliot knew that the dog deserved to live a better life. Snoop was friendly to all the passers-by and never barked at them.

Elliot and his friend lured Snoop into the back seat of their car with some treats and gave him a bit of water. On the ride home, the dog just looked outside the window with his tail wagging.

New beginnings

Elliot lived in the countryside, so as soon as they arrived, Elliot and Snoop excitedly ran around and played in the open field. The two instantly formed a bond.

Snoop followed Elliot everywhere he went, including the bathroom. Snoop would sit by his dad’s legs when Elliot was using the toilet.

Elliot loved spending his free time playing with Snoop. They would usually play in the backyard, and Snoop would always end up rolling around in the mud.

After hours of playing, Snoop would enter the house covered in mud. It was not an easy task to bathe him since he hated water.

What Snoop loved was sticks. Whenever Elliot took Snoop out for a walk, the dog would always get the biggest stick he could find and take it home.

Seeing Snoop play and act like a typical dog made Elliot feel good. He knew that rescuing the dog from the streets was the best thing he had done.

Watch the incredible story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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