No matter how loving and affectionate dogs are to humans, we still find ways to be cruel to them. In this story, a dog named Venus was abandoned in the desert all by herself. As a domesticated dog, her chances of surviving in the desert is close to zero.

What’s more, the desert’s temperature can exceed more than 100 degrees, which can be unbearably hot for a domestic dog! Eldad of Hope For Paws and his team of rescuers were determined to rescue Venus. They headed to the desert with a mobile vet unit in tow so that they can provide Venus with immediate treatment.

Once in the area, they found Venus in a shallow puddle. She was cooling herself off in the murky water, a sign that she may be suffering from the desert heat. She was also parched as she went on to drink from the murky water.


They carefully tried to approach her, but she was too wary of humans. Venus has been abandoned in the desert for more than four months, and she has lost her trust in humans.

Not wanting her to run away as the desert is vast, they decided to shoot her with a tranquilizer. Moments later, she was hit and tried to flee. But it only took a couple of minutes for the tranquilizer to take effect, and Venus drops down to the ground.


Within minutes, she was out cold. They then carried her gently to the mobile vet unit, where she was stabilized. Since it was still a long way to the hospital, and because it was already getting dark, they decided to stop by at a hotel for the night.

At the hotel, Eldad stayed with Venus until she finally woke up. He tried to begin rehabilitating her by helping her trust humans again. The following day, Venus was a lot calmer. They then headed back to the hospital, where Venus was given a medical check-up and a well-deserved bath.

Venus is now a happy dog after having been rescued from the desert.

Source Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via Youtube


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