Mid last month, photos of a stray pup, known as Buboy, surfaced the internet. He captured the hearts of many as he showed just how loyal he is to his owner, Carmelito Marcelo, a professor at the Mabalacat City College located in the Philippines. Their bond is so strong and is truly one of a kind.

For the last 4 years, Marcelo took care and loved Buboy. But the pup had no clue that the master and best friend he has known is no longer around. Marcelo, who suffered from a stroke, passed away on May 18th, Saturday.

His colleague, Kristina Demafelix, witnessed the bond between Marcelo and Buboy. The pup would wait for him in the morning at the school’s gate to greet him. He would also trail behind the professor one class after the other. They always had lunch together. And by the end of each day, Buboy would watch his dad leave the gates of the college.

Even on days where there are no classes, Marcelo never failed to pay his friend a visit. He brought food for him and made sure Buboy is alright. He considers him family, so he cares and tends to the pup.

During the days Marcelo laid in the hospital, Buboy constantly waited for his master. He stayed by the door of the faculty room waiting for Marcelo to come out. Even until the latter’s demise, the pup waited outside hoping he could get some treats or perhaps a scratch on his head.

Seeing the sad look in Buboy’s eyes, Demafelix decided to bring the pup to the professor’s wake. Buboy paid respects and bid his goodbyes to his dad. But once they had to leave, the loyal dog didn’t budge. He refused to leave and stayed by his dad’s coffin.

As Marcelo was laid to his final resting place, Buboy stayed at the school. But unfortunately, another heartbreaking incident occurred. The dog managed to sneak out of the campus and got hit by one irresponsible driver.

While Buboy’s story may not have a happy ending, people who witnessed his relationship with Marcelo believed otherwise. Because their bond is so strong, nothing could ever break them apart. So now, Buboy will be with his dad for the rest of eternity.

Credits to Facebook/Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix


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