When we go for a walk in big cities, such as New York or San Francisco, we often see homeless people struggling to find food. We even see their dogs accompanying them.

We really can’t help but think that if these people are struggling to feed themselves properly, how are they able to feed their dogs? This is why a man in San Francisco decided to start a program to lend a helping hand for the homeless owners of these dogs.

Paul Crowell is an animal lover and wanted to help the dogs who are struggling alongside their homeless owners. Thankfully, Crowell also worked in a doggy daycare facility where extra pet food gets thrown away.


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Paul began saving the excess food and brought them to the homeless dogs he came across with on the way home.

The homeless dog owners quickly called him “the doggy food man.”


However, when the place he worked in was taken over by a new company, he was no longer allowed to take excess pet food. Because of this, he created a campaign to raise money and called it Project Open Paw.

The campaign is focused on feeding and caring for homeless dogs in San Francisco. Thanks to the popularity of the campaign and the amount of support it got, Paul doesn’t only bring food for the homeless animals, but he also takes them to the veterinarian if needed.

For the homeless people around San Francisco who have pets, Paul is considered to be a modern-day St. Francis. Paul Crowell even won The Jefferson Award from The Jefferson Awards Foundation for his selfless work and dedication for the animals he cares for.

Paul is a modern-day hero. He serves as an inspiration for all people. His work and achievement is something that all of us should aspire to as an animal lover.

Here’s a video on how Paul helps these homeless animals and the loving owners of these dogs. It’s truly a heartwarming story that will surely encourage you to do something similar.

Video Source KPIX CBS SF Bay Area via YouTube


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