There is a reason why dogs are called “man’s best friend”. There are a lot of stories that showcase the affinity of dogs to their humans. They are reliable and trustworthy. A dog saving his owner’s life is not an unusual incident thanks to their fierce loyalty.

The connection between dogs and their owners is hard to deny. The devotion and bond that form between companions are special and are hardly broken. Dogs are known to readily make sacrifices for their owners. Max, a senior dog from Queensland, is living proof of dogs’ dedication.


It was fortunate that Max was with his owner, Aurora Kyle, when she got lost in the woods. The girl was just three years old. One day, she and her dog, max, wandered into the woods and just when they’re about to go home, she lost the trail leading out of the woods.

The little girl’s grandmother reported her missing that same afternoon. It was a very tense situation and everyone was out of their minds with worry. It was no help that dark was upon them and the weather was cold and rainy during that night.


Rescuers had no idea of where the girl might be. The continued to search until the next morning. Aurora Kyle’s mother heard her shouting back and they found her at the top of the mountain where they found Max. He led them to where the little girl is.

Max, despite his age of 17 years, never left the little girls’ side. They spent the cold night together with no food. Aurora Kyle was found safe aside from a few minor scratches. They were found two kilometers from home.

Max is almost blind and deaf but that did not stop him from protecting her. They kept each other warm and safe and everyone was relieved that they are back to safety.

Credits to Queensland Police Service on Facebook


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