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Animals are known to fight off against each other especially if they came from different animal breeds. Cats are the known natural enemies of dogs while mice are the enemies of the cats.

We are all aware of this competitive side of animals that we tend to forget that they can be friendly, too!


In the video uploaded by John Madden, a professional show-jumping trainer, saw that his show jumper dog Beezie Maden feels confused all of a sudden.

Is Beezie a show jumper dog or is he a baby horse? Even all the other horses around him are in the state of confusion too.

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Because of Beezie’s small size and fur color, the horses might mistakenly see him as a baby horse. Either that or they were all just caught coincidentally in footage showing how much they cared for one another.


It’s indeed obvious that all the animals seen in the video instantly developed a connection even though this was the first time they all saw each other.

You can see that the horses sniff and lick Beezie as if he were their own child. No one can blame the horses though!

Beezie, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, indeed looks like a baby horse, too. Also, you can never deny that he is such a charmer.

See – even animals wants to share friendly vibes among breeds. It’s quite amazing to see this kind of gesture, especially with our furry friends. And the world needs more of this.

These are one of the most innocent and purest actions any living thing can make. It goes to show that no matter what the differences between people or animals are, there’s something even more powerful that builds a connection between and across them.

Source: Beezie Madden / John Madden Sales, Inc via Facebook



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