People often look for a dog to adopt and be their companion. But sometimes, the dog gets to choose their owner. A stray dog named Rubio in the city of Buenos Aires of Argentina has chosen his desired owner, and he is pretty determined to have it. In this particular case, Olivia Sievers, a German flight attendant, was the lucky one.

Olivia once showed kindness to the lonely stray dog when she flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina over six months ago. She gave him food and also spent time playing with him. But the connection did not really end up well that day. Olivia, not being the local citizen of that place, will have a hard time being attached to something or someone that she will eventually leave, but Rubio did the opposite.

He became so attached that he made efforts for her. Olivia tried to avoid Rubio but he seems so attached to her that he followed her wherever she goes. That day, Olivia went to her hotel and left the stray dog outside. Little did she know, Rubio willingly waited for her return.


In the following days, Rubio patiently waited outside Olivia’s hotel every single day and night. On her next day, Olivia returned to Germany leaving Rubio behind with the airline blanket she gave him to keep him warm on cold nights. The two parted ways but each remained on their hearts and minds.


The moment Olivia came back to Argentina, Rubio is still waiting for her by the hotel she once stayed at. With that, Olivia, with the help of the animal rescue team, decided to make a home for Rubio. But despite how cozy and safe the home for Rubio was, he still escaped and again went back to the hotel and waited for Olivia.

After a long six months, Olivia finally decided to adopt Rubio and take him to Germany with her. The hard work, effort, and patience that Rubio did for Olivia are simply enough for him to deserve an owner.

Watch the video here:

Sources: Nollygrio via YouTube


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