Dayday was found by rescuers and was put under the care of Manatee County Animal Services in Florida. This shelter was miles away from where Dayday’s home was. No one knew how she ended up far away from her home.

The rescuers checked Dayday’s conditions, and she even had a microchip. Unfortunately, the data found on the microchip for Dayday’s owner was not updated. This made it hard for the rescuers to locate her owners and let them know she is in their care.

One day, Motorworks Brewery decided to partner up with the animal shelter and help the dogs get adopted faster by putting their cute faces on their beer cans. The rescuers agreed with the idea and thought that it was a clever one. One of the pictures of the shelter dogs was Dayday’s.


Monica Mathis, who was Dayday’s owner, was browsing through her social media accounts when she saw Motorwork’s beer promotion. She was surprised to see that one of the dogs in the can look like her long lost dog Dayday. Still unsure if it was her fur baby, she knew that it could be her.


It has been three years since she last saw Dayday. She had a strong feeling that it was Dayday, and she immediately got in touch with the rescuers from the shelter. She gave them all of her information about her old address that is found on Dayday’s microchip.

Monica met up with the rescuers, and she had brought a lot of memorabilia that shows Dayday as part of their family. She brought pictures, videos, and documents that would prove that Dayday is her fur baby. Dayday recognized Monica, and the rescuers decided to have them reunited.

Dayday is now back with her family. Monica then immediately updated the details on Dayday’s microchip. She is thrilled that this day had come that she was reunited again with her fur baby.

Video credit: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay


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