A number of days prior to this pet dog were arranged to be put down, a troubled man went to the old pitbull. It had been a rough trip for one pitbull who found himself homeless after ending up being separated from his owner.

Are You Going To Help Me?

After weeks in a shelter and no interest from potential families, it lastly appeared the pet might be put out of his torment. However, days prior to his scheduled euthanasia the pooch got a surprise visit from an emotional guy.

Barry Gerhardt lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. There, he works as a physical fitness instructor at a local fitness center.


However, while the muscle guy may look as tough as steel, he harbored a soft area for Titan, his cherished pitbull. Gerhardt had actually raised the pet dog because it was the pair and a young puppy was as close as can be.

We can only picture the trainer’s disbelief, when somebody stole the 8 year old pitbull from him in 2014.

Where’s My Dog?

Titan was left to rest in Gerhardt’s car while his owner ran an errand. When Barry returned to his car, the dog was nowhere to be found.

The stressed owner entered in a search of the pooch, or failing that, an explanation. That’s when a close-by Security guard informed him he’d witnessed a man taking the canine away at that minute.

Barry Gerhardt then understood somebody had most certainly taken his dog.

In 2016, he informed Florida’s WPBF News, “The worst day of my life had taken place.” To make matters worse, Gerhardt thought he only had himself to blame for Titan’s disappearance.

Maybe if he had not left Titan in his truck, they’d still be together. It was a thought that maimed Gerhart. He would not give up on his continuing search for the missing canine.

With that in mind, Barry started a tireless search to find Titan. He rifled through all regional areas and published appeals on his Facebook page.

After turning over, what must have appeared like the entire city, his efforts were unrewarded. Barry was at his wits end, not knowing where to turn.

A year had passed because Titan’s disappearance. By then, Gerhart had nearly offered up all hope of ever seeing his beloved Titan once again.

And that was an idea that distressed him greatly. “I cried every day for a year for this guy, I promise you”, he later revealed to WPBF.

“Am I Ever Going To Find My Best Friend Again?”

In December of 2015, Gerhart received a ray of hope. The sad owner had actually posted some photos of Titan on a Found Pets Page on Facebook in a desperate effort to reunite with him

And astonishingly, someone stepped forward with essential details. A volunteer from the regional Animal Care and Control Center thought that Titan might be a dog at their shelter, nicknamed Hank.


The pooch in question had been at the pound for a while and without any adoption in the pipeline. He was predestined to be put down within a couple of days. With time clearly of the essence, Gerhardt hurried to the shelter to see if the canine was indeed Titan.

In video footage from the kennel, the hopeful owner peers through the bars and says, “Hey boy.” And upon hearing the familiar voice, the pitbull begins barking like he was insane. His owner then turned his phone onto himself.

It’s clear to see that Gerhardt was absolutely overwhelmed. His eyes well up with tears as he states to the cam, “Look who turned up!”. He turns the focus back on Titan. He likewise cries in anticipation of a reunion with his long lost buddy.

Hooray, I Found You!

Not wishing to waste another moment without his pet dog, Gerhardt had rapidly taken Titan back to his house. Only then did the fitness instructor realized how close his precious pitbull was to be truly lost.

“It really is a wonder”, He informed WPBF in January of 2016. According to Gerhardt, when he got Titan house, the pet dog made a beeline for the back door.

“He was excited to be back out in the yard that he loved so much.” While Titan had actually been gone for an entire year, it seems that nothing changed.

Gerhart will likely never know simply what took place in 12 months that he and Titan were separated. No one ever came forward to describe what happened. And Titan never told the story.

All we do understand is that the dog had gone to Animal Care and Control as a stray. The staff there had done all they could find him a new family. However had no success at all.

This Is An Example Of A Dog Ear Tattoo

The fact that Titan didn’t have a microchip, so Animal Care and Control could not make the connection to Gerhart. With the chip they would have been able to contact him immediately.

This would have saved the pet from weeks in the shelter and the prospect of being put down. With that in mind, it’s incredibly important that all pet owners get their best friends microchiped.

If they do get lost, a quick scan will expose their identity. Additionally tattooing an ID in the pet dog’s ear also helps, if you don’t like to insert a microchip. Or, at the very least, collars with name tags on them. These are the most popular ways to help reunite owners with any type of pet that can get lost.

Gerhardt almost learned this lesson the hard way. However, once reunited with Titan, the trainer felt able to put their separation behind him.

Life Is Back To Normal

They spent another two joy-filled years together before the pit

bull died in November of 2017. Years that Barry is forever grateful for.

Writing on Facebook, following Titan’s death, Gerhart showed his past. “He’s constantly been my ride-or-die partner and my friend.”

“Simply put, one of the finest parts of my life. Those of you that have pets know how difficult it is.”

In the last homage to the deceased pet, Gerhart added, “I still thank God for reuniting Titan and me for the last days of his life.”

“Thank you for always being there for me in my time of requirement. I’m going to miss you so much.”


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