Marissa Mastellon and Pandora love to spend time eating their meals beside each other. Marissa shared that she has been doing that with Pandora for about two years, and it is their favorite time of the day.

Marissa admitted that the decision to sit and eat on the floor with her dog came out of nowhere. Marissa wanted to make dinnertime more memorable for Pandora, so she decided to feed the same thing that she eats to her dog.

Marissa admitted that she wanted to make Pandora feel special, but she was not sure how her dog would react if she tried letting Pandora join her during mealtime. Fortunately, Pandora loved eating her dinner with Marissa every night.

Marissa shared that Pandora is a sassy dog who is not afraid to tell her if she does not like the food on her plate by walking out on her. Marissa recalled that there were times when Pandora also eats the food off of her plate even though they are eating the same thing.

Marissa admitted that she used to do drugs and drink a lot whenever she is stressed with work, but it all changed when Pandora became paralyzed. Marissa changed her behavior because she wanted to be there for her dog.

Marissa shared that seeing Pandora’s condition broke her heart, so she decided to make Pandora her number one priority. Marissa always made sure that she is right beside Pandora whenever her dog is attending physical and hydrotherapies.

Marissa recalled that she and Pandora attended physical therapies for nine long months. Marissa even bought Pandora a new doggy wheelchair to help her move around.

Marissa admitted that she was not the most loving human parent to her dog because she had personal issues to settle, but she was able to reevaluate her life for the dog. Marissa used to count on Pandora, but now, it is Pandora’s time to rely on her.

Source: Soulmates via Facebook


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