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These two cute dogs named Carmel and Odie got stuck at the Atlanta Humane Society due to the novel coronavirus. The two adorable dogs are already up for adoption, but since there is a community quarantine, their adoption got moved to a later date.

Since Carmel and Odie have been staying with the animal shelters for quite some time now, the volunteers thought of surprising the two dogs. While observing physical distancing, one volunteer brought the pooch inside Georgia’s Aquarium. This is for the two dogs to explore the world of the underwater creatures.

During their time inside the aquarium, the two dogs showed so much happiness while looking at the swimming penguins. Carmel and Odie were impressed at what they saw because it was their first time. In a video posted on Twitter, the siblings meticulously stared at the swimming creatures. They find joy in watching the whales, fishes, and other underwater animals.

After that, the siblings were able to explore other parts of the aquarium. They went and play to the aquarium’s tunnel as well as visited the Ocean Voyager gallery window. It was a busy but happy day for the two dogs. Afterward, they fell asleep while staring at the aquarium’s fishes.

A spokesperson of the Georgia Aquarium said in an interview that they want to bring joy to the dogs. They were made aware that the two dogs’ adoption got delayed due to the coronavirus. As such, they want to take the dog’s boredom away even for a day.

But while they let the dogs visit the aquarium, the spokesperson said that they made stringent measures in place of the coronavirus. The spokesperson likewise announced that the Georgia Aquarium remains open to the public. Their operations, however, are limited and strict protocols are in place to prevent the spread of the disease.

Credits to 10News WTSP.


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