Every dog has its unique personality that we learn to love. Some dogs are playful and enjoy belly rubs, while others are quite the snobbish and unfriendly type. But no matter how crazy our dogs are, we still accept them with arms wide open.

Although our pooches are often cheerful and clingy, there always comes a time when their temper gets the best of them especially if they did not understand something they want. They will bicker with you if you refuse to take them out on walks. They ignore you for some time and give you the cold shoulder. Or sometimes, they threw hilarious tantrums that make you laugh instead.


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When this pooch’s owner refused to share her human food with him, the canine got upset and threw the funniest fit ever. He jumped on the living room chair and placed himself in a somewhat awkward (and seemingly uncomfortable) position. His back was on the armchair, and his head freely hangs upside down.


His outburst began in the kitchen, but seeing that his mom would not give in to his tantrums, he continued the fit in the living room. His owner went near him with a camera in hand and asked what he was doing. He did turn around to look at her but resumed his original position and continued to look miserable.

The woman filming the video couldn’t stop laughing. She was amused by how her dog reacted to her rejection. She gently talked to him, even apologizing to her pooch, but wasn’t able to contain her laughs.

The canine, on the other hand, was not giving into his mom’s antics. He was firm on carrying out his tantrum until he gets what he wants. He remained immovable with his stone-cold face. The video ended with his mom asking him, “Do you love me?”, and the dog simply responded with blinks.

Catch his cute and hilarious antics here.

Courtesy of Rumble Viral


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