This big blob of a dog was dropped by someone, presumably his previous master, in the middle of nowhere and now it was up to him to survive and protect himself from attackers. When the team of rescuers got there, they thought the challenge of rescuing him was that they could end up with injuries since he looked far too big and far too strong for two people to handle. While it was true that he was big and strong, it turned out that the even bigger challenge was how to get him to stop being afraid of the male rescuer.

Yes, he was afraid of men — perhaps because his previous master had been one and the experience was altogether unpleasant. For the last two months, his home had been the area surrounding a truck stop where nobody had the time to care for an abandoned dog. The heat would be scorching even on the best of days, and the big boy had barely had any access to water, much less good food.

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They tried to trap him by guarding both ends of the small walkway where he was resting at but he escaped through the bushes on the side. Since he was afraid of men, they decided that it would be best for the female rescuer to approach him this time. Using the cheeseburger they brought, she tried to lure the dog into a convenient position so that she can put the snare around his neck.

She eventually succeeded but not without being dragged around by the big dog like she was some throw rug that he wanted to play with. The male rescuer wasted no time and ran to where they are so that he too can put his own snare around the dog’s neck. Two people managing and directing a dog of that size was better than one. They named him Gershwin.

At the shelter, they saw that he had also been nursing an infection on his shoulder, for which treatment was given. Before he was rescued, he wouldn’t be caught dead playing with other dogs, let alone people. Now, he couldn’t wait to find his forever home with one.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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