Animal Aid Unlimited received a call regarding a dog who had become so weak because of his injury, he could barely move. When they got to where he was, they found him sitting beside a wall, and he was barely able to keep his head up. There must have been dozens of flies floating around his head and occasionally landing on the wound in his ear and taking off again, and in his weakened state, he couldn’t bother to try and ward them off.

When one of the staff members tried to pet him on the head, he barely acknowledged it, dazed because of his condition and looking altogether resigned. When the same guy wrapped him in a blanket as a first step to separate him from the insistent flies, he simply went along with it. And with that, they drove him to the shelter so that he can receive proper medical attention.

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He was given IV fluids to make up for his dehydration as well as some antibiotics for the physical pain brought about by the wound. Then it was time to use a powdered medicine on the said wound to kill all the maggots that the flies had brought there. After that, they wrapped his head in bandages for a few hours so that the substance can do its work uninterrupted.


After enough hours had passed, it was time to remove the bandages and extract the dead maggots, and they were able to extract hundreds of them. Some of the tissues had to be removed as well to prevent risking further infection, after which the wound was stitched closed.

They decided to name him Moses. After making a complete recovery, he didn’t exactly turn out to be the energetic and super playful dog that people have come to expect of these stories. But he was now far from danger, and he was loving and gentle. And really, after what he’d been through, that was more than enough.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube



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