Excitement is life’s greatest secret. If you show enthusiasm in everything you do, life will reward you with something that will continuously make you more enthusiastic.

Most of the time, life overwhelms us in a complicated way. We lose our focus, we feel defeated, and we tend to give up. However, it is best that we keep our heads up and allow the little things to remind us that life is beautiful in general; the ups and downs included.

Daily reminders surround us; we only have to look deeper and learn to appreciate them. Allow this article to present to you one of the simplest acts which could turn your day from dull to dazzling. Read on and meet our little sunshine, Ender.


Watch Ender’s video below.

Source: Facebook via Yahoo UK & Ireland


This dog’s name Ender is such irony as its character and behavior is the best way to start one’s day. Look at how bubbly he taps his feet as if telling everyone to keep dancing.

It is an inspiration to see a 4-month old little pup who already shows a positive and very motivating attitude towards life. Ender is now famous for his happy feet. His moves are very contagious and can make one dancing on his feet.

Aside from his happy attitude, he is just like any other puppy who loves to chew, play and take a nap. The only different thing about him is he loves vegetables too!

Our thoughts

As our two cents on Ender’s happy behavior, it is very evident that a pet who receives so much love from its owners also grow into a happy energy ball. If we can see in the video, Ender has the freedom to play, to eat healthy food and take enough rest. These are simple things, but they are significant factors in the overall well-being of our happy dog.

Thanks Yahoo UK for sharing this story.


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