Stories of friendship are some of the best narratives out there. They tell us that no matter how cruel the world gets sometimes, we can always depend on friends to have our back. Stories of friendship become even more interesting when they feature no less than our favorite furry friends–dogs!

This is such a story. An Eskimo dog named Hoshi lost his eyesight to severe glaucoma. Fortunately for Hoshi, an angel in the guise of a pup named Zen came to his aid and served as his seeing eye.

Blind Dog & his wonderful guide puppy


Photo courtesy of Dog With Blog

Zen never abandons his blind friend, Hoshi. From morning till evening, he stays at Hoshi’s side. This dynamic duo does everything together, from walking, sleeping, to eating. They are like the Batman and Robin of the canine world.

All of Hoshi and Zen’s adventures and misadventures are documented on their dedicated Instagram page. They are known as The Fluffy Duo on Instagram. They have more than 36,000 followers.


Video courtesy of Dog With Blog via YouTube

Yes, Hoshi and Zen are celebrities in their own right. But they do not allow fame to go to their heads. They are still the same pups prior to their Instagram popularity.

Hoshi is still the kind pup with visual impairment. Zen is still the loyal seeing dog, guiding his friend through life. Together they remain as one of the most inspiring testaments to the power of friendship.

If you want to see more of Hoshi and Zen, do not forget to hop on to their Instagram page, The Fluffy Duo. There you will be treated to consistent updates on how these two pups are getting along. Make sure to give their photos a heart and share their inspiring story, too!

Now, cheers to love and friendship!

Source: Dog With Blog


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