Animal Aid Unlimited were alerted to the sighting of an injured dog that had taken residence in a hole next to a building. When they arrived to check the place out, they discovered that not only was the dog injured but that she had given birth to six puppies. The injury on her leg was caused by one of the broken bottles that were scattered around the area.

Although the wound didn’t look too serious, it was better to be sure than to be sorry. With that mind, they bought the mama dog and her six adorable pups over to the shelter. Once there, they were all given the usual treatment. A bath, an examination, and some deworming.

It took about two weeks for the mama dog’s leg wound to completely heal. During those two weeks, she didn’t make it hard for her caretakers to look after her — she was an affectionate rescue dog from the start and had maintained the same sweet disposition throughout her stay. There was always time for her to breastfeed her young ones too and if there was anything else they needed, the shelter provided it.


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After the two weeks were over, it was time for this amazing mama dog to back home. Apparently, there was someone looking after her and the puppies. It was just that the person did not have the resources nor the manpower to remove the big rocks and really rid the place of the broken bottles that had injured the mama dog. It was agreed that before mama dog and her puppies could re-enter their home, they needed to do some cleaning.

An entire cavalry showed up at the place from which the mama dog and her puppies were taken. Together, they took all of the debris that sat there and with nothing in their way, picked up and swept the broken bottles and food wrappers they’d found. And then it was finally time to return the family there.

They covered the floor with some solid-looking fabric so that they wouldn’t have to sleep on the earth. They left a few bags of food to the person looking after the dog. One would hope that the puppies could be taken in until they are adopted into a loving home, but when working within constraints, practical measures must be taken.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube


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