Adorable moments are plentiful when you have dogs around the house. Here’s a video that perfectly captures what an adorable dog moment is. Have you ever tried apologizing to your dog? How did they take the apology?

Dogs are man’s best friend, and sometimes they’re also man’s spoiled kid. It’s true that they have tendencies to behave in a way a child will. Ralphie the Newfoundland shows proof of this. There’s a recording of him ignoring his owner and giving him the cold shoulder. This large dog can be seen feeling upset, and nobody seems to know why.

It’s unclear what the owner did wrong. Ralphie is unhappy regardless. This is shown by the dog’s silent treatment. The owner would continuously ask Ralphie what’s wrong. However, the dog would just look at her then quickly look away. There was a refusal of eye contact that lasts for several seconds.


The owner decides to apologize to the dog even she doesn’t know what she’s apologizing for. Ralphie looks at her with his dreamy brown eyes. He then puts forward his paws and goes in for a hug. It’s adorable how it only took “Sorry” to turn this dog mood’s around.


This was a sweet encounter that was recorded for the internet to see. Ralphie’s owner could not resist the dog’s charm. Newfoundland dogs are famous for being a kind and sweet dog. This dog breed is rarely featured in viral dog stories.

The dog’s owner Bee and her husband decided to adopt Ralphie because they wanted a big gentle dog that gets along with their kids. Ralphie also another dog brother. His name is “The Boss,” and he’s also a Newfoundland. With three children, the family of 7 are always having a good time. Bless this family.

Video courtesy of raisingFISHERmen via YouTube


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