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This Italian mix of greyhound and chihuahua is making instant noise online due to her outfits of the day (OOTD). Boobie Billie became an instant dog fashion influencer as she struts her way with cool and eye-catching costumes. The six-pound dog has since then acquired over 96,000 followers on Instagram for her on-point OOTDs.

Boobie began this journey to fame in July 2019. According to the dog’s owner, the account was created for fun. It did not cross the handler’s mind that it will soon be famous because of the dog’s OOTD. But the dog would take it because she wants to become a fashion influencer anyway.

The pooch only began posting photos of herself five months after the Instagram page came to existence. Since then, Boobie has not stopped modeling her OOTD and getting enough love from dog lovers around the globe.


In an interview, the handler said that she often receives messages from Boobie’s fans. According to them, the pooch is so cute and could be an internet dog fashion model. Due to these words of affirmation, the handler thought of using Instagram as a platform to make Boobie famous.


Two years later, the dog’s Instagram account became one of the most followed dog accounts. Even then, the number of followers is just a bonus. What is essential for Boobie as well as her handler is the enjoyment the dog feels with what she does.

Boobie’s handler added that the pooch already learned how to model the dress. Whenever she would give the dog a new dress, Boobie knows that it would be for modeling. This is the reason why the dog would give all her best to look cute in the photos. Little did Boobie know that she does not need to try hard to look attractive. She is naturally charming, the handler believes.

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