When you hear of stories about abandoned and disabled dogs being found, it usually involves some shady place that nobody ever frequents — like an old house or a building that you would think twice before entering at night. Which would mean that receiving a call about it could take some time, and while it’s not exactly a pleasant thought, it’s not anyone’s fault either — except the person who threw out the poor animal, of course.

And then you hear of a story of an abandoned animal that had been laying on the side of a very busy road for 24 hours. There are cars parked around the area, which means someone must have seen the poor creature in that spot, not moving about with energy but very much alive. This is exactly the situation in which this white, fluffy ball of cuteness was found.

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The person who had called probably first saw the dog the day before since he knew that she had been there for at least that long. A first sighting wouldn’t necessarily have confirmed that the dog was on its own and in desperate need of help, especially if the one who saw her was occupied. But a second sighting of the same dog in the same place, after 24 hours, would definitely raise red flags.

When her rescuer got there, he was still on the phone with the informant. After they said their goodbyes, he approached the spot where the dog was to see if she would try to escape. When he realized she couldn’t stand, let alone run from him, he assumed that her pelvis was broken and carefully wrapped her in a blanket before putting her inside his vehicle. She did whimper, but other than that, remained passive.

After an X-Ray was done at the shelter, his suspicions were confirmed and the dog was confined so that she could be properly monitored. A bath was still out of the question as she was still in so much pain and would need to recover first. Fortunately, the future wasn’t looking so grim for this angel that they named Lady.

After a few weeks of rehabilitation, Lady was able to regain control of her body and made a complete recovery. Best of all, she had found her forever home where she could run as much as she likes — all day, every day.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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