Dogs can be very naughty. And strangely, for some people, this is what makes them lovable. That might be hard to believe, but it’s true and here’s proof!

Alfredo Garcia da Silva of Campo Grande Brazil had just recently gotten engaged with his girlfriend, Joyce Sabino Greffe. And wanting to commemorate their engagement like any other couples, the two booked a photographer. Well, it was supposed to be just a typical shoot except that they wanted to have their nine-month-old pup, Thor included in the picture!


When Nicolas Carrelo, the one brought on board, learned of this, he knew it would be tough. Nonetheless, he was confident he could handle it, being that he had quite an experience with dogs.

However, when the day came, he caught himself totally unprepared. Thor was way too energetic, unlike the ones he’s worked with before. And as much as Nicolas tried to, he couldn’t set the scene.

Thankfully, after a few moments, a solution popped into his head.

It was simple. He thought why not just go with the flow. After all, people love candid photos, especially when it’s got doggies in them!

And he was correct. The photographs did come out great.


In the 1500 pictures he took, he then sent the best eighty to the couple and kept a few of them which he later shared on Instagram.

And unexpectedly, the post amassed millions of likes which got him in total shock! Well, who wouldn’t when you’ve just gone viral?

Soon afterwards, Nicolas began to get more bookings.

And when asked about it, he shares he is still unable to believe the attention he’s now getting. Of the ten years he spent in his industry, never did he ever think he’d achieve such popularity!

Indeed, when pooches are involved, you can never really know what to expect.

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Source at Nicolas Carrelo Fotografia via Instagram



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