While living together with their loving owners, Tiny and Teddy who are both Chihuahuas, and Lola, a Beagle mix/ Pit bull, developed a very heartwarming relationship. Since Lola is visually impaired, the two smaller dogs would tend to assist her in every way possible. They were the alternative eyeballs that help her make her way through the challenging world. 

Sadly, their owners had to surrender them in a local shelter because they’re going through some tough times. It was a very difficult decision for the family as well, but they have to. As much as they want to keep the three family dogs, they cannot afford to raise them anymore.  

The Maricopa County Animal Care & Control welcomed the trio with open arms. As days went by, the rescuers and volunteers noticed how tender and loving the three dogs were to each other. The bigger pup seemed to be at ease and confident whenever she is nearby Tiny and Teddy.  

The three dogs who were all 5 years of age, sleep together and cuddle from time to time. Who wouldn’t get touched by such simple yet compassionate sight? 

The Maricopa County Animal Care & Control posted a photo of the adorable dogs on their Facebook page. It is one of their ways to inform the public that they waived all the adoption fees as long as the three of them would be adopted as one. Many people who were touched by the wonderful message shared the post until it went viral. 

Additionally, they subjected all three of them to a free spaying and neutering procedure to make them more appealing for possible adoption. The determination and arduous work of the shelter volunteers eventually paid off. Lola, Tiny and Teddy won’t have to part anymore because the three of them got adopted together. 

Credit: Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) on Facebook 


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