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It is undeniable that Spiderman star Tom Holland has a penchant over dogs. In his Instagram account, Tessa, his dog, appears regularly as they do things together most of the time like press conferences, walking on the red carpet, and during his leisure time.

While Holland ardently loves his dog Tessa, the Spiderman star also shows his affection to other dogs every now and then. So, when he stumbled upon a stray dog during break time of his current film, the actor posted the most touching message for the dog.


The star, during his break time on the set of The Devil All The Time, saw the stray dog, who happened to be a Beagle mix. Their team, according to Holland’s Instagram post, tried to look for where the dog lives to no avail.

With his large social media following, it is but fitting that the Spiderman star uses it in a positive note. He asked his followers if they could help him locate the owner of the poor dog. If not, he is considering to take the pup with him in his home.

Holland said: “We found this guy on set and we don’t know where he lives. Honestly thinking about taking him home. But if he’s is your dog please come and get him.”

The post, meanwhile, did not only contain a plea from the star to find the dog’s owners. It also featured a photo of him and the dog cuddling a bit, showing that the pooch is at home in Holland’s company.

If ever the real owners of the pooch do not show up, Holland plans to surrender the dog at a local dog shelter.

Once cleared, he will adopt the pooch so that his beloved Tessa will have a companion in their loving home. As of posting time, Holland’s post has generated over 2.5 million likes and several comments from well-meaning dog lovers.

Credits to Tom Holland. 




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