Recently, two lost dogs found homes. Here at Best Dog, we love to share stories of dogs persevering despite the odds and discovering where they belong.

Clodagh finally brought home

Springer spanielAfter thousands of people on social media helped in the search for a missing dog, police found the dog, named Clodagh, during a raid.

Bedfordshire Police officers spotted the dog in a garden while operating in Sandy.  A local vet helped identify the dog. The dog turned out to be Clodagh, who went missing a month before in Therfield near Royston in Hertfordshire. Clodagh, an eight-month-old female springer spaniel, was possibly taken from its family home.


Back when the dog first went missing, the Tyrell family turned to social media to locate their dog. The “Bring Clodagh Home” Facebook group grew to over a thousand members and posts about the missing dog shared thousands of times.

Jason Tyrell, Clodagh’s owner, described the reunion as “absolutely amazing” and noted there were “lots of tears”. “It was just pure luck the police found her,” Mr. Tyrell added. Clodagh is “well” but as expected “quite tired”. Mr. Tyrell would like to thank “people from all over the country” who shared their posts on social media.

Police were “over the moon” they could return the “much-loved pet”, according to Department Sargent Kelly Gray.

“It doesn’t happen often that your dog is returned by a Special Operations Unit and the National Crime Agency,” explained Det Sgt Gray. “Clodagh’s family now have quite a story to tell and we wish them all the best in the future.”

Abandoned Dog now works as a K-9 for the Denver Sherriff Police Department


An abandoned dog who was left for dead in Castle Rock is now officially a K-9 with the Denver Sheriff Department.

Only a few months ago, Karma was wandering the streets of Castle Rock. For several days, good Samaritans tried to catch her. After catching her, they realized that she would make a good police dog. And it just so happened the Denver Sheriff Department would need her.

“She’s certified, she’s ready to go. She’s got her badge, her ID… she’s official!” said her partner, Deputy Patrick Hynes.

The Deputy’s former partner, Taylor, retired in March. Looking for a new partner, Hynes took Karma in and trained her to become an explosives detection dog. Now that her training is complete, she is working on the behalf of the city and even helping to protect the mayor. Additionally, Karma helps other regional jurisdictions as part of the Front Range Explosives Detection Group.

“Our main priority will be working at the City and County Building, where the mayor’s at, City Council, other high-profile judges. We’re in charge of making sure that building stays safe,” Hynes said.

Karma is a hard worker. “She is part of the family now. She will do pretty much anything for me now — cool feeling to have,” he said.

Thankfully, two lost dogs found homes.


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