It was Saturday evening when the Petco’s manager saw a couple suspiciously wondering around the store in Allen Park, Michigan. They have two large dogs with them, and neither of them was wearing collars. Their leashes were looped together, which gives the manager a go signal to talk to them.

Rachel, the manager, asked them why their dogs have no collars on. The couple said that they forgot the collars at home and that they just need to pick up some few things. After their conversation, the couple walked towards the rack where the dog food is located.

The employees were about to close the store when they heard soft, plaintive cries. It was coming from the store bathroom. To their curiosity, they decided to open the door, and they were surprised to see two dogs. The two looked so scared and sad.



Rachel tried to reach the nearest local rescue, but they were too full to get the dogs. She then decided to post on Facebook and plead for help. This led her to Carol Lair. She is one of the board members of P.O.E.T Animal Rescue.


Lair offered to help. She even said that it makes her sad to see how people just decided to dump dogs once they get tired of them. Lair arrived Sunday morning. She saw how traumatized the dogs were. They were shaking and didn’t want to be apart from each other.

She lent them a hand to get in the back of the car, but the older one was so curious. She immediately climbed to Lair’s lap. Lair thought that, despite what happened to them, the two dogs are still nice and funny.


They reached the foster home, and the volunteers named them Marigold and Daffodil. The two dogs looked like they are well-fed. However, that doesn’t mean that they had a good life. It seems like they have been used for breeding many, many times.

Despite the trauma, the two dogs are still eager to show their rescuers that they are worthy of being loved. The rescuers will give them the home and love that they deserve until they find the rightful fur-parent who will not leave them again.

Credit: Julie Sly, P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue


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