Because of the war in Afghanistan, there are a lot of dogs that have become homeless. One soldier found six abandoned puppies one day. The soldier saved the puppies and knew that he needed to find them a safe place to stay.

Fortunately, the soldier knew who to call for help. The people from Nowzad Animal Sanctuary were more than willing to assist the soldier. Their mission was to save as many stray dogs affected by the war.

The soldier who rescued the puppies could not deliver the puppies to the sanctuary. Thankfully, someone from the US embassy agreed to help him out.


The Nowzad Animal Sanctuary has a facility that could cater to up to 150 animals. The puppies stayed there while they waited for their travel documents to be complete. The plan was to fly them to America and find them suitable homes.

Once they fly out, they can also reunite with the soldier that saved them. The puppies got clearance from the vet and would travel to the US; it was an exciting moment for everyone. The soldier who rescued them was back in America waiting for them, and he was equally excited.


Other veterans waited for the puppies and were more than willing to give them a good home. When the puppies arrived in America, they were reunited with their savior.

The soldier was very grateful that the puppies are safe, and they are away from the war zone. The soldier is also thankful for the people from Nowzad Animal Sanctuary for their help.

They have brought people and dogs together across continents. They have helped and saved a lot of lives because of their mission.

If it were not for the soldier and people from the sanctuary, the puppies would not have made it. Because of all the people involved, the puppies get to live an amazing life.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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