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While walking around town, Asha Leo saw a sign for a local block party and wanted to check it out. Later that day, she brought home something more than she anticipated.

Moment of fate

The local bock party was hosting an adoption event for rescue dogs from shelters. While passing through the several stalls, her eyes landed on a Pitbull that was smiling widely.

Asha wanted to greet the adorable Pittie, so she went over to his stall. The rescue worker introduced the dog as Pirate and said the dog has been lying inside his cage all day. Asha wanted to walk the dog for a little bit around the event.


After fifteen minutes, Asha completely fell the dog. At that time, she wasn’t looking for a pet, but something about Pirate made it look like it was fate that they met.

Asha adopted the Pittie and brought him home. The first night, Asha was lying on the sofa when the dog crawled up to her and slept by her side. She knew the dog was comfortable in his new home.

Pirate was Asha’s first dog. He has always been a sweet and good-natured dog from the beginning. The dog loved to follow his owner wherever she went.

Pirate the protector


Asha was a sexual assault survivor that had a little trouble falling asleep. Although she moved on from her anxiety, she felt a lot safer when Pirate was by her side.

Ever since she got Pirate, she’s had this feeling of peace knowing that he’s there to guard her. The Pittie alerted Asha whenever there’d be danger around and made her feel protected.

Pirate is Asha’s best friend, and her life has dramatically changed since the day she got the dog. Pirate provided a sense of security and comfort for Asha that made her less lonely.

Asha was forever grateful for Pirate and everything he’d done. She gained a fantastic gift in her life because she rescued a dog.

Watch the incredible story below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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